Beginners Boxing Gloves – All you Need to know

Beginners Boxing Gloves – All you Need to know

This Article is going to be about Beginners Boxing Gloves in fact the information is useful no matter what level you are at techically and maybe be good if you’ve trained a while but not given your gear that much thought. I am going to answer some of the questions we get asked on a daily basis down here at Fight Store Newcastle like “What size do i need” “what gloves are the best value for money” “do i need different gloves for Muay Thai” so hopefully this is helpful …

What size glove do i need ? the size of the boxing glove all depends on what you’re use for the glove is if you want something for hitting pads and bags you are going to need a total different size to the size you would need for sparing.Now all Gyms and clubs have different guide lines on what size gloves they want they’re guys using normally 14,16oz are suitable for sparing and personally i like to hit pads and bags with 10,12oz gloves on i did not really think it made any difference until my first Boxing coach pointed out that using a bigger glove gives you a false sense of you’re reach and timing having seperate gloves for Pads,Bags & Sparing will also increase the overall longevity of your gloves.

Do i need a specific glove for MMA striking training ? Really there is no right or wrong answer to this question it is all down to personal preferance My opinion on what sort of boxing glove i like to use is going to be totally different the next guy personally i have been using the Revgear S4 Lace up in a 14oz previously i had been using Twins for about four years and after six months of using what some would call more of a western Boxing glove i could not go back to the Thai style gloves but everyone is different.I think it really depends on you’re style as a fighter are you more of a puncher than a kicker ? do you like to clinch up alot ? these are the questions you need to ask yourself when choosing a boxing glove what i suggest is trying a few pairs on and having a look at what you like.


Buy cheap, buy twice

It’s an old adage that (usually) rings true when it comes to buying quality training equipment. Another one is, ‘If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is’. I’m not saying you have to spend hundreds of pounds on every set of gloves you buy, but investing the maximum amount you can afford will reap better rewards. A good set of mid-range gloves will last longer than two or three awful pairs that you picked up for £6.99 down at Sports Direct. Not only that, it’ll save you a few beatings. Why, I hear you ask? Because the cheap vinyl that cuts and scrapes, and the poor padding that means your knuckles poke through? People aren’t going to like that and they will hit you harder if they repeatedly fall victim to it.

Know your anatomy and your sport

Do you have knuckles prone to swelling? Look at a glove with knuckle heavy padding. Bad wrists? Find the supportive wrist straps and longer gloves. Punch like a flailing moron on a Saturday night outside the Red Lion? Think about thumb loops to stop you damaging your thumb. If you’re a big lump, look at upping the size to 18oz, but even for smaller guys I would never recommend going any lower than 14oz for the sake of your training partners. Don’t be that guy. That guy is a dick.

You can also factor into this what type of combat sport you are doing. Muay Thai guys tend to prefer a slimmer glove to help when clinching, though for boxers that’s not as much of a consideration. Again, see what the experienced guys in the gym are using, take some advice and then look to spend your hard earned cash. Jumping in to buying boxing gloves without the research might see you end up lucky, but it might see you throwing your money down the drain.

There are several other factors that can come into hand and wrist injuries from punching, including hand wraps, technique and just pure bad luck sometimes. However, don’t discount your gloves in this regard. If you have bad knuckles that are prone to pain, sensitivity or even breaking, you’ll have cater f0r that with plenty of padding up front. If you’ve got weak wrists that seem to take a lot of the brunt of the compression, wrap them well but also find a glove with extra support for that area.

Thai Boxing Gloves
As Thai boxing gloves started by adopting gloves from western boxing it is over time and with innovation specific to the two different sports that differences between Thai gloves and western boxing gloves have arisen.  It is within the style of fighting that the first clues to the differences can be found. In boxing the fists are the only weapon allowed and it is fairly common acceptance that the western form has the superior hand skill however in Muay Thai punching is only one of the many tools available to the fighter and often used to set up more powerful strikes from the legs and knees.  The Thai boxing glove requires greater flexibility in the wrist area especially to allow for clinch techniques therefore usually Thai gloves have shorter wrist cuffs than western boxing gloves.  The padding in Western gloves tends to be stiffer (although this is quite variable from brand to brand) arguably down to the sheer volume of hand strikes a western boxer will achieve in a round whereas the Thai counterpart will use less hand strikes in favour of kicks, knee strikes and elbows from the clinch.

In competition Thai boxing may use 8oz or 10oz gloves depending on the weight of the fighter which are generally of the lace up variety.  Whilst the western boxer favours lace up gloves much of the time in training too, the popularity of Velcro cuffed gloves for sparring has become the more popular choice in modern Thai boxing.


Beginners Boxing Gloves
Article by James Brayson


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Beginners Boxing Gloves – All you Need to know
Beginners Boxing Gloves – All you Need to know This Article is going to be about Beginners Boxing Gloves in fact the information is useful no matter what level you are at techically and maybe be good if you’ve trained a while but not given your gear that much thought. I am going to answer

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