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Choosing a pair of gloves that are right for you can be a major decision. Here at Fightstoremma we hope we can make that decision a little easier for you. Over the past 12 months we have got together with the fast rising, top UK MMA fighter Richy Knox, to test and review the most popular gloves on the market. Richy is scheduled to fight on the BAMMA 12 fight card  after recently headlining the Made4TheCage 9 Night Of Champions Card, and claiming their European LHW championship belt.

We have looked at customer feedback and information from the manufacturers to put together a comprehensive guide. Here we give you a run down of our top boxing gloves for: Muay Thai, Boxing and training MMA stand up. We are concentrating on the boxing gloves used for sparring and not for competition therefore we are focussing on Velcro wrist supports.

Thai Boxing Gloves (Imported From Thailand)

Out of the Thai boxing gloves contenders we have narrowed down to three brands that out of everything currently available we think are a good all round choice. Prices are similar across the boards and it should be noted there is no real quality difference more a preference in the hand compartment and feel.

The main Fairtex Boxing Glove is the BGV1 (regardless of the graphic such as Nation print or Thai Flag) which are handmade in Thailand with genuine top grain leather and a 3-layer

high-density foam core. Available in all sizes 10-16oz.

RICHY SAYS: The hand compartment with these gloves is purposely tight and the wrist support is short which for some people will not be the favoured option; for a longer wrist cuff see either Boon or Revgear gloves (below). The Fairtex BGV1 is a standard and all round good glove; the padding is soft compared to Boon, Twins and Revgear and for heavy hitters may require some serious knuckle padding via wraps with a built up knuckle.

PROS: Construction quality and materials

CONS: Padding soft; short wrist cuff.

VALUE: Will last well although needs knuckle protection. 7/10

The other set to look at: Boon!

The Boon Boxing Glovesadhere to a simple design and deliver fantastic quality, made of 100% cowhide leather we import these gloves directly from Thailand.

RICHY SAYS: These gloves are flatter and more traditional than Fairtex, the Boon Standard glove has a longer wrist and hard padding up front. The leather is stiffer than Fairtex or Twins but very durable. They feel light on the hands and need a little breaking in but once they are a few sessions old they will become your new best friends. Boon are uncompromising and don’t do fancy designs or much variance in their colour lines or match up with their shinguards however, they do what they do very well and if you are an old fashioned fighter then they are for you!

PROS: Feel, Quality, Construction and materials

CONS: Colour options, No colour matching between the products.

VALUE: Most durable gloves on the market 9/10

The other set to look at: Twins!

Twins Special Boxing Gloves again are shipped in from Thailand, made of 100% cow leather for long-lasting durability.

RICHY SAYS:They changed their hand mould last year (Shown by the black label!) and have reduced their size to in between Fairtex and Boon which is a much more comfortable size than the pillows they used to be at the larger sizes; some retailers bring in older designs (White labels!) which are basically too big unless you are specifically looking for something that size. Twins do a massive range of prints and designs which are essentially all the same glove. Twins Boxing gloves for Thai boxing or kick boxing are excellent quality and a great all round choice. If well looked after Twins Gloves also last a long time and can’t be faulted for their overall style, feel and durability.

PROS: Feel, Quality, new size, large range of styles to chose from.

CONS: Short wrist cuff; Older versions are too large for boxers

VALUE: 9/10; Very durable and generally good choice

The other set to look at: Boon!

MMA Brand Boxing Gloves.

Revgear Sentinel Gel Pro Boxing Gloves are a premium boxing glove made of 100% premium cowhide leather. Their simple style mixed with very high quality construction has already made this glove a favourite in the USA amongst boxers, Thai boxers and MMA Fighters. The Gel injection mould really protects your knuckles whilst the slim fit Mexican style will suit many European/American users especially bigger guys. Many people forget Thai gloves are still made for Thai people and the size difference in an average Asian guy and an average Western man is very different.

RICHY SAYS:The new ranges of the Sentinels have really pushed the quality up a notch and the leather competes with the Thai’s no problem. It would be nice to see a larger range of colours and styles. The wrist cuff uses elastication like the old Top King Pro did which tightens very well but may loosen after a few years however is a plus in terms of lowering the instance of Velcro cuts and scuffs. Revgear Sentinel is an excellent choice and probably the current best of the MMA Stand up boxing gloves available in the UK.

PROS: Fit, Construction quality, hand mould; Wrist support

CONS: Colour range, Style options, wrist cuff is a matter of preference and could be a pro or con!

VALUE: 8/10 Durable and well priced!

The other set to look at: Boon or top of the range Adidas

Hayabusa Boxing Gloves, these official UFC sponsors have consistently put forth stylishly designed boxing gloves whether they are the basic sparring; Tokushu or the top of the range Kanpeki.

RICHY SAYS: The main issue with all of the Hayabusa range is that no matter which level you go for there is almost always a better version made by someone else who have had a longer pedigree in producing top quality boxing gear; Hayabusa Gloves aren’t bad just so obviously sold off their name not on the merits of the individual boxing glove. The style is the main selling point and no one can say they don’t look great. Only the top of the range Kanpeki use leather that would be even close to the quality of the Thai brands or top of the range Adidas and Revgear; The weighting on the basic range is front heavy and although the idea of the various technical innovations is strongly put forward at the end of the day a boxing glove needs good construction and quality leather to last years of punishment in the gym.

PROS: Style

CONS: Material quality (Except Kanpeki), Front heavy, Price

VALUE: 6/10

The other set to look at: Revgear Sentinel; Fairtex BGV1

Western Boxing Gloves

Rival Boxing Gloves have come with a lot of plaudits and go heavy on the idea of technical innovation like their other Canadian counterparts Hayabusa.Rival RB4

RICHY SAYS: They look great on photos but on closer inspection don’t fulfil the promise they make with their photogenic appearance. Odd sets like the Fighters lace up RFX Guerrero are excellent quality but in the main the “leather” is not great leather; Velcro straps seem flimsy and a little cheap for an expensive brand and although they do have a nicely moulded hand compartment across the range they just don’t live up to the promises they make.

PROS: Stylish, Good hand compartment

CONS: Cheap materials (With exceptions on odd products), Poor construction

VALUE: 2/10

The other set to look at: Revgear Sentinel or top of the range Adidas also consider Cleto Reyes for £150+ boxing gloves

Adidas Gloves, a brand that is known all over the world, supplying the boxing gloves for Olympians.

RICHY SAYS: There is a big difference between their PU low end glove and their real professional stuff which is excellent in every department other than the high price. For the real boxers out their Adidas are still a good choice glove and make a good range of lace up wrist which is still favoured by the Western Pugilist. Over priced but great quality.

PROS: (Top of the range Adidas) Materials and construction

CONS: Price

VALUE: 7/10

The other set to look at: Revgear Elite 

Value Gloves

RICHY SAYS: The issue with this category is often gloves that cost around £40 are so far behind a good pair of gloves, that would only cost £10 more that we have been limited for choice. If the gloves are at a RRP of £35 or under it is well worth thinking about stepping up to £50+ and getting a good professional pair. As with a cheap pair the user will probably have to replace them within 6 months if they are serious about the sport.

Bytomic Performer

At £25 these are well moulded and have a good hand compartment. They are what they are and will not last long under some serious pressure but could get you started without major outlay and at least offer decent hand protection. They only come in 10 oz which limits their usage.

Blitz Firepower Leather Boxing Gloves

Using the Top Ten mould these are not bad for £35. Real leather and will last a while. They are a value set of gloves and you can’t compare them with professional gloves but are a great buy for the price.


There are a multitude of gloves in the sub £50 bracket generally speaking most of them are not going to last and are going to need replacing in a short space of time. Some carry well known brand names but are made to the lowest standards, some are unbranded and occasionally you find a real gem but the risk is high for someone who doesn’t know the products. The best advice is to try to push to the better level straight off and if not go for one of the above and seek to replace them as soon as you are sure you wish to continue in the sport.

Give Fightstoremma a call on 01912303030 or send them an email at:, if you have any questions on products or need some help deciding what is the best product for you, friendly and knowledge staff can answer any queries you have and suggest a glove that will suit you.

The views expressed in this Boxing Glove Guide are the opinions of professional MMA fighter Richy Knox, and Customer feedback recieved by Fightstoremma and do not necessarily represent the views of Fightstoremma.

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