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Boost athletic performance with Primal Movement Newcastle

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Primal Movement Newcastle

Do you want to be a warrior? Do you want to be able to run, sprint, jump, crawl and fight? Then perhaps Primal Movement Newcastle is for you!

Do you want to be strong, powerful with good posture and mobile, flexible joints?

Do you sit down all day at a desk or in a car? Do you sit on a settee all day, maybe you're on your phone all day? Is this impacting your physical movement, maybe you have pain or aren't seeing the results you'd like in your fitness and health goals? Have a look in the mirror, what is your posture like, are your shoulders rounded over, does your low back curve way too much?

If you were alive 5,000 years ago, what do you think you'd look like, how do you think you'd be moving and performing as a human being?

My guess is you'd be lean, strong and fit. With powerful muscles and mobile joints. your daily life would be active.

You'd be a warrior!

You would likely be walking 5 miles a day, sprinting to chase some animal for lunch, climbing trees for fruit as a snack, cutting logs and carrying stones to build shelter all of which require your entire body to work together, building lean muscle, keeping your joints supple and your heart healthy.

All of this looks very similar to many common strength exercises. Deadlifts, which is picking up something heavy off the floor. Pull-ups, which is climbing. Sprinting, walking, running.

This is what primal movement is about, getting you to use your entire body, doing functional exercises so that we're strong, mobile, useful in a pinch and keep us lean.

My favourite exercises to get started with regaining your primal movement are: pull-ups, push-ups and squats. Get really good at these exercises.


Maybe you've seen Ido Portal working with Conor Mcgregor?

If you're interested in regaining your primal fitness, improving your strength, becoming more flexible and mobile, bulletproofing your body so your posture is good and you stay injury free, get in touch for private coaching or come to our group classes to see for yourself and reap the benefits

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Phone: 01912615527

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MMA in Newcastle Upon Tyne and the North East generally has grown massively over the last few years and coupled with its boxing heritage it’s truly astounding that the regions capitol city has been without a dedicated Martial Arts and Boxing store for so long. Newcastle was without an MMA store until 2011 when FIGHT STORE Newcastle opened. Since Then we have been a part of the community with the staff and owners all having been involved for many years in the sports we work for. The MMAnewcastle website was originally built purely because of the amount of inquires we received daily about where people could train. We offer our directory and events listing free to the North East Martial Arts and Boxing community and will continue to work to promote the sports we love in our region

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Phone: 07846539403
Address: (Fightstore), MMA Newcastle, Unit 384B JEDBURGH CT, Team Valley, NE11 0Bq