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14 Oct
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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission wrestling and freestyle wrestling tournament

£15 entry for 1 division (gi, no-gi, wrestling)
£20 for 2 divisions
£25 for 3 divisions
£5 for Juniors

IBJJF rules for the Gi tournament

No-gi as per IBJJF minus knee reap
Beginner – BJJ white belt or -2 years training
Intermediate BJJ blue belt or -4 years training
Advanced – BJJ purple belt + or 4+ years training

Freestyle wrestling using simplified Olympic rules

Juniors categories to be arranged by both age and weight. *POSITIONAL ONLY* – no submission holds

Adult weight classes as per IBJJF (weigh ins without gi to synchronise for those also entering no-gi and/or wrestling)
BJJ weights

Divisions – Male (Adult)

Ultra Heavyweight: over 221.0 lbs (+100.5 kg)
Super Heavyweight: under 221.0 lbs (-100.5 kg)
Heavyweight: under 207.5 lbs (-94.3 kg)
Medium Heavyweight: under 194.5 lbs (-88.3 kg)
Middleweight: under 181.0 lbs (-82.3 kg)
Lightweight: under 167.5 lbs (-76 kg)
Featherweight: under 154.0 lbs (-70 kg)
Light Featherweight: under 141.0 lbs (-64 kg)
Roosterweight: under 126.5 lbs (-57 kg)

Female (Adult)

Rooster 48.5
Light Feather 53.5
Feather 58.5
Light 64
Middle 69
Medium Heavy74
Heavy 79
Super Heavy 79+ (No upper limit)

*please be aware that the female divisions will likely be amalgamated to make more bouts.

You can register and prepay at Fightstore Newcastle, Arch 8 Forth Banks, directly behind the Life Centre


October 14, 2017
12:00 am - 6:00 pm




the Faktory gym
newcastle, NE15 6UN. United Kingdom
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