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Fight Store Newcastle stocks a full range of boxing and wrestling boots in sizes from childrens sizing through to adult size 13+ We stock popular brands, colours and always keep a range in store. Buying Footwear in store is a must as trying on boots can throw up a few surprises…..Many people take a different size in boxing or wrestling boots than what they would normally wear in every day shoes so its essential you try them on!

One other little thing to note is for boxers it is entirely feasible to use wrestling boots for boxing as there is almost no real difference in practical usage terms giving you a greater selection of colours the exception to this can be on the highly rounded soled versions so be sure to ask.foot and remember boxing boots primary purpose is to lock in the foot especially on lateral moverment.

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Boxing shoes and wrestling shoes are similar. They are both lightweight, form-fitting, boot-like shoes made for sports that rely of fast footwork and traction. The differences lie in subtle, specific designs that make each shoe appropriate for its sport.

According to martial arts historian Dave Coffman, organized sport boxing predates organized sport wrestling by 150 years. The ancient Greeks wrestled long before the first boxer stepped into a ring. Initially, boxing shoes were more sophisticated than wrestling shoes. However, because wrestling has had more participants in the late 20th century, that gap has closed.


Wrestling shoes are made of lightweight synthetics, often with mesh uppers, and have rubber soles to prevent slipping on the mat. The shoes must be flexible to allow your feet to move into any position without pinching or discomfort while in a match. Although you can buy boxing shoes made of the same synthetic materials, lightweight leather or suede boxing shoes with textured rubber soles are often recommended. Some brands incorporate mesh into the shoes’ design to prevent the shoes from becoming heavy with sweat.

The fit of a boxing or wrestling boot requires half an inch room in the front of the shoe but tend to favour a tight fit around the foot; you may favour ankle cut boots or longer boots that come up to a mid level sock height.

Pricing for Boxing and Wrestling boots starts at around £40 but pretty much the sky is the limit on what is an essential item for Boxing, Wrestling and now many MMA fighters.

Another great feature of a Boxing or wrestling boots is the fact they are excellent for using in weight training as they have flat soles are lightweight and lock in your feet.



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MMA in Newcastle Upon Tyne and the North East generally has grown massively over the last few years and coupled with its boxing heritage it’s truly astounding that the regions capitol city has been without a dedicated Martial Arts and Boxing store for so long. Newcastle was without an MMA store until 2011 when FIGHT STORE Newcastle opened. Since Then we have been a part of the community with the staff and owners all having been involved for many years in the sports we work for. The MMAnewcastle website was originally built purely because of the amount of inquires we received daily about where people could train. We offer our directory and events listing free to the North East Martial Arts and Boxing community and will continue to work to promote the sports we love in our region

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