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If you have never heard of VIRUS INTL then you soon will have done. The Cross Fit Gear brand that took the American Athlete community by storm and became a firm favourite with Cross Fitters, MMA Fighters and extreme sports athletes has made it to the UK and we’d like to invite you to come to the Newcastle store on Forth Banks to view it!

VIRUS INTL have set themselves apart as a real performance athletes brand and have managed to seamlessly traverse sporting activities; whilst their roots are definitely in Cross Fit and functional strength training they have been universally adopted by many in the Mixed Martial Arts community as well as runners, rowers, Tri Athletes and many other areas. The style and performance of the gear is truly outstanding. Having flirted with a UK set up a couple of years ago Fight Store Newcastle are proud to announce we have finally secured the brand for the North East Athletic community!

Real Compression gear, awesome quality and one of the best brands you could buy to set yourself apart at the gym…but don’t wait too long as soon everyone will be wearing this stuff.

Virus Performance

The pursuit of your passion has set you apart. Motivation, dedication and commitment to perfection emerge every time you perform. It leads you to a self-forged satisfaction few will ever know or understand.  You are devoted, elevated and inspired by this passion that is part of you. It is the passion that defines you. Your progression is why we exist. In a new era of athletic achievement, our performance apparel keeps pace with the latest in nanotechnology, technical fabrics and biomechanical patterning to help push your limits. From training to performing to recovery, our offerings will help you in every condition and situation you encounter on your path. VIRUS is here to answer the call of the individual athlete. It’s you VS the world and its elements. // oneVS.


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MMA in Newcastle Upon Tyne and the North East generally has grown massively over the last few years and coupled with its boxing heritage it’s truly astounding that the regions capitol city has been without a dedicated Martial Arts and Boxing store for so long. Newcastle was without an MMA store until 2011 when FIGHT STORE Newcastle opened. Since Then we have been a part of the community with the staff and owners all having been involved for many years in the sports we work for. The MMAnewcastle website was originally built purely because of the amount of inquires we received daily about where people could train. We offer our directory and events listing free to the North East Martial Arts and Boxing community and will continue to work to promote the sports we love in our region

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