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Shop for MMA Gear Newcastle City Centre. Fight Store Newcastle Stocks a full range of MMA Gloves, MMA Shorts, Accessories, Rashguards, spats and well….pretty much everything you need.

Fight Store Newcastle has a full range of both the REVGEAR and Fairtex brand MMA Gear as we believe they represent both excellent quality and value for money but we also stock Fuji, Jaco, Hayabusa & Cross Fit brand VIRUS. We occassionally also stock other brands who we feel produce excellent MMA apparel, gear and protetive equipment.

With the rise of Mixed Martial Arts as a sport there has been an influx of fairly terrible MMA gear being stocked in high street chains and online with poor quality and little regard or understanding of the requirements for such a tough sport. We recommend people starting MMA pay attention to the quality of their equipment as injuries in this sport can be caused by poor equipment. We can’t name names but we can assure you we only stock gear we know will do the job its asked to do! You have been warned but we still see guys coming onto gyms using gear that should have a safety warning attached to it!

Like with boxing equipment we also stock a full line of accessories such as guaze, tape, linament, groin protection, bags etc.

Mixed Martial Arts in Newcastle has grown so much in the last ten years that the demand for quality equipment is constantly growing from gyms that are making impact on the national and international scene with the excellent SBG South Shields, Sunderands The Fish Tank (Andrew Fisher) Spartan, Made4TheCage academy, the Dungeon all in Sunderland, BJJ Black Belt Pete Irvings ITAI PAVA Dojo, Ryan Roddys Bad Boy Gym and long term Newcastle pioneers such as Ian Freemans Machine MMA in County Durham and John Atkin’s AFC in the City Centre!



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MMA in Newcastle Upon Tyne and the North East generally has grown massively over the last few years and coupled with its boxing heritage it’s truly astounding that the regions capitol city has been without a dedicated Martial Arts and Boxing store for so long. Newcastle was without an MMA store until 2011 when FIGHT STORE Newcastle opened. Since Then we have been a part of the community with the staff and owners all having been involved for many years in the sports we work for. The MMAnewcastle website was originally built purely because of the amount of inquires we received daily about where people could train. We offer our directory and events listing free to the North East Martial Arts and Boxing community and will continue to work to promote the sports we love in our region

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Phone: 01912615527
Address: (Fightstore), MMA Newcastle, Arch 8 Forth Banks, Newcastle, NE1 3PG