The female perspective: Lanchana Green – Muay Thai thanks Marianne Barrett for her great guest post. Introducing Female Thai boxer Lanchana Green. 


For our December Female fighter of the month we are staying close to home with a special feature on a local fighter and all round fitness Guru from Darlington, Miss Lanchana ‘Lanch’ Green.

Lanchana is a well known girl in these parts, thanks largely in part to her work at ‘The lab’ a Martial Arts Gym in Darlington where Lanchana is the strength and conditioning coach.

But, she is also an experienced Thai boxer having fought domestically in a stacked division (-53) for many years and has fought against superstars Iman Barlow and Michelle Newhall, to name just a few.

Lanch began training Thai Boxing in 2004 when she was fifteen years old.

After competing in many school sports Lanch was concerned about continuing her fitness once her secondary school years were over so she accompanied her friend to a Thai Boxing class at Darlington Martial Arts Academy run by Paul Hamilton.

Lanch attended a couple of sessions and enjoyed it but it took an altercation a few weeks later (which left her with a black eye, broken nose and clumps of her hair missing) to make her start seriously considering the Thai Boxing classes as not only a way of continuing her fitness and increasing her confidence, but a valid means of self defence if she found herself in that situation again (although Lanchana states ‘thankfully I have never found myself in a confrontation in the street since that day’ )

When Lanch was sixteen she took part in an interclub, which then made her decide to have her first fight, so her coach allowed her to fight on his own show in 2005. As with most peoples first (full contact) fights, Lanch didn’t have a great experience, stating ‘I was full of confidence and excitement as I didn’t know what to expect but she came steaming at me a hundred miles an hour and I crumbled, falling into a scrappy battle, loosing the fight and thinking I never want to do this again’.

Luckily Lanch’s coach knew there was more to come from her and had the good sense to get her straight back in the ring soon after her first fight and her second fight was a more enjoyable experience!

From that point on, Lanch continued to fight regularly and kept training, not just Thai Boxing or fight training, but all aspects and methods of training the body, became more and more of a focus in her life. This hard work and dedication has led her to the privileged working position she enjoys today.


Lanch has had more than her fair share of very hard fights during her career but cites her toughest opponents as Iman Barlow and Karla Benitez (Iman, in an interview with me in 2012 also cited Karla as one of her toughest opponents). Regarding Iman and Karla, Lanch states ‘I took the fight with Iman on ten days notice and at the time had only 12 fights, but a fight with Iman isn’t one you regret. I got my arse kicked but learnt so much in the process about what I needed to do to improve’

Karla Benitez was terrifying, I was only 18 and had technical skills but literally no aggression or strength. I remember kicking her and I was the one that moved, she kept stalking forward towards me and was so strong’

lanch is passionate about the Female training scene in the UK and states ‘I think the females in the UK are doing a fabulous job. Its great to see more and more women becoming involved in the sport. There is some serious talent flying about. I’m always excited to watch Female bouts, especially those elite players like Iman at higher levels, as they are always entertaining. I do think we will loose a few key players to MMA eventually though, potentially myself included’

As with most people serious about learning Thai Boxing, Lanch has spent some time in Thailand, training at the WMC gym in Lamai, Koh Samui and was also lucky enough to train daily with WMC trainer Gai, when he lived and taught in Darlington for a period of time a few years ago.

Right now, in addition to her Thai Boxing, Lanch also trains BJJ and MMA alongside inspiring a new generation of women to get in shape with her popular female classes at the Lab, a place where Lanch works with all manner of Martial Artists, sports men and women and the general public on a daily basis.

Lanch is inspired by many people, she states ‘Lots of people inspire me. Inspiration is a useful and powerful motivation. Iman Barlow inspires me; her dedication to Thai Boxing is awesome especially as she is at an age where most people are out partying and getting drunk. Her skills, character and down to earth nature are values of a true role model, one that young girls could do well to follow instead of the current crop of reality TV stars. Rosi Sexton is another brilliant role model and I have had the pleasure of training with her, once again a lovely, down to earth woman who is very, very intelligent. My partner Martin is another very intelligent person and someone who has made me believe in myself over the years and always had my back, picking up my spirits, encouraging me and constantly planting positive seeds in my head. The power of a supportive partner can never be under estimated’

The future is bright for this enterprising and hard working young Lady. Lanch plans to continue to ‘keep training, coaching and carrying on my simple, happy life’

The goals Lanch sets for herself are realistic and more than anything are helping others in a positive way. That’s something we could all use more of.

Lanchana Green fight stats:

Weight: 52.5kg

Total fights: 16

Wins: 9

Losses: 7

Draws: 0

Titles held: Northern Area


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Written by Marianne Barrett

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