Whats in the kit bag ?

I thought today instead of reviewing a single product i would talk about what is in my gym bag i love these style of posts & videos because when done right they are awesome ! no marketing ploy or bias i have trained in various martial arts on and off over the years and find myself training more MMA & K1 these days.What is important is that i am 5,9 and about 75kgs so i wouldnt recomend alot of the things i use for a much bigger or a much smaller guy the stuff i use is just because it works really well for me.

The bag itself i have the BAG4 Fairtex Rucksack i always struggled finding a bag that was big enough to fir all my equipment into with without being ridiculously big because i dont drive and use public transport or my mountain bike alot so having a massive bag just isnt practical for me i have used the Fairtex BAG4 for about a year now and have been nothing but impressed.I can fit all of my training equipment and spare clothing in im not going to lie it is a tight fit to get all of it inside and it is a little bit like a game of tetris but this has been my favourite gym bag i have ever had training aside this bag has came on two different four day holidays with me and has been extreemly useful and i would 100% recomend this bag if you need a gym bag that is practical and you can use on a mountain bike with ease.

Striking Sparring gloves I have a set of 16oz Revgear S4 lace up sparring gloves just bought my second set for 2018 so i havent really done much training in my new ones but before i used exactly the same gloves in 14oz and used them for about 14 months for all my kickboxing & boxing sparring i love the fit and how easy it is to make a solid fist in them before i switched over to the S4 i had a pair of Twins gloves which i had for about 4 or 5 years because i was informed when i started training that Thai brands were the best on the market and maybe at the time that was correct but the minute i switched i realised i did not like the Twins at all and i had been using the wrong gloves for my style.

Pads & bags gloves i have a set of 8oz Boxing gloves from an exciting boxing brand from New york i got them as a prototype to road test i really like hitting pads in a smaller set of gloves because you get a proper perception of your reach & timing if you hit pads in a set of 14,16oz gloves the extra padding gives you a false sense of your distance and timing just because its a heavier glove and the extra padding will add an inch or two to your distance on the end of your punch.

MMA Sparring gloves
i recently blew the dust of my MMA sparring gloves because i had not used them in quite some time because i had been focusing on my Muay Thai & Boxing but i use the Revgear Clasic MMA sparring gloves but in my opinion these are the best on the market here in the UK i like the Fairtex ones but i think they are too tight and stiff around the fingers which just makes then uncomfortable i really enjoy using these i had a pair of BadBoy ones for years which i would not recomend the construction of the glove came away very quick and the smell was just unbarable they also used this double wrist strap similar to the Hayabusa use but i think they try to re-invent the wheel but you dont have to the classic design works so they went in the bin & i switched to the Revgear ones.

Shinguards This had been a problem for me for years i had various different types of shinguards and had always struggled to find a pair i actually liked using the old school Revgear ones & Badboy ones both used to slide off the shin and would just be a pain in the arse during training and my coach Peter Irving gave me a set of Fairtex SP5 shinguards before my K1 debut back in 2016 and i have used them ever since i really like these shinguards i never have the same problems i previously had and using them for nearly two years they are still in great quality i have been debating switching over to the Fairtex double padded shins because they are smaller and a little bit better for MMA but the SP5’s have served me very well and i am very thankful for my coach giving me a set because at the time i simply couldnt afford to buy a better pair.

Wrestling/Boxing boots I Have pair of Adidas HVC Wrestling boots which i use for wrestling & Boxing they were very tight at first but broke in lovely these are an essential part of winter training because gyms are very cold especially in January and stubbing toes and catching them on skipping ropes is simply awful so these have been a god spend the last couple of weeks.I do think i am going to upgrade and buy a set of Adidas Mat wizards these are in my opinion the best boots on the market that are not mega expensive.

Everything in my kit bag including the bag can me found down here at Fight Store Newcastle so if you are looking for any new training equipment or maybe even a new gym bag come down and check out our range of stock we will have something for you.

Fairtex BAG4 – £59.99
Revgear S4 Boxing gloves – £115
Revgear classic MMA sparring gloves £49.99
Fairtex SP5 Shinguards- £60
Adidas HVC wrestling boots -£54.99


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Whats in the kit bag ?
I thought today instead of reviewing a single product i would talk about what is in my gym bag i love these style of posts & videos because when done right they are awesome ! no marketing ploy or bias i have trained in various martial arts on and off over the years and find
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